Language exchanges and student hosting programmes

Hosting an international student in your home or organizing a language exchange between 2 students, is a fantastic opportunity for the student to have a completely immersed experience, both cultural and linguistic.

Language exchange stays

This is between two families who have registered in our language exchange programme, that want to send their child to learn a foreign language and culture through total immersion in the family and living with a registered family, whilst the other family will do the same, hosting the child. We are responsible for the management, organisation and the selection of the families, so that both families which have common interests and similar concerns will have the immersion of the student and the achievement of the aims made easier.

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Student hosting programme

Become a host of immersion students in your own home! Being a host family is a way of travelling without leaving the house and of learning a new culture and whereby students lose their fear of leaving their environment or country by seeing how the host student enjoys immersion. Share your language and culture and learn new languages and cultures,whilst getting paid at the same time!

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