Courses abroad

Courses abroad

Studying a course abroad is the best way to learn a language and become fluent. Being aware of the benefits of language immersion, we have designed different personalized language programmes that adapt to our students' individual needs, creating enriching and unforgettable experiences.

English language programmes in the summer for young people:

There are English courses abroad in the months of July and August, aimed at students up to 17 years old, in residences and with maximum guarantees, whose objective is that students learn a language whilst enjoying an unforgettable experience. Also, students will obtain other important qualities necessary for life, unrelated to language.

Month, trimester & semester study abroad programme

There are programmes designed for those who want a complete immersion in the language, not only going to classes with students of that country, but also living with a family, improving, thanks to this experience, not only academically, but also personally. There is the possibility to do these courses from 1 month to three months.


This programme is also for Spanish students that want to learn English, just like students from all over the world that want to come to Spain to learn Spanish.

English language programmes in the summer for adults and company members

We offer intensive courses abroad for people over 18 years old, with the possibility of enrolling on a general English course or a specific course designed to obtain a certificate (First, Advanced, Proficiency, TOEFL, TOEIC, etc). Within these programmes we offer different options:

IMMERSION: Only classes.
IMMERSION FOR COMPANY EMPLOYEES: 100% reimbursable for companies.
IMMERSION AND PRACTICES: Within this method, students will have the possibility of combining their language course with practices in the company, so that they can maximise their immersion and work experience too.

English 'in family' abroad:

There are increasingly more cases of entire families that, during their holiday period, ask us to organise linguistic programmes abroad, for both children and parents. This is the reason why we design customised programs for those families who want to share this experience, offering the following options::

Home stay and classes: for both parents and children.
Home stay for parents and classes for children: Only for children.
Home stays for parents and children: Classes for parents and activities for children.
Classes for parents and children: Without home stays.

English language programmes abroad for young learners during the academic year, associations of parents of students and other groups.

We design weekly experiences abroad for schools and associations of parents of schools depending on requests. It´s the ideal programme for a group of students of the same class that want to travel in a group, for a short period of time.